We are Alan and Dóri, a Danish-Hungarian couple who loves travelling, minimalism and living a more sustainable life in general. Our big dream is to eventually build a permaculture farm (or join a community), to mostly be independent from consumerism.

Why is the site called singer on a bike? Because Dóri loves singing, and it is the purest symbol of freedom 🙂

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Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan

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Tajikistan, a country of mountains and things of the past - So we finally arrived. We were talking about reaching the Pamirs since we left Budapest, and after more than a year of awesome adventures, we crossed the border to the country holding our much awaited destination. In social media, Tajikistan and especially the Pamirs is framed as one of the must does and mecca for long distance cyclists, portraying it…

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Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - Our last days in Iran were spent with anticipation for Turkmenistan. The country is one of the most closed off countries in the world, under the rule of crazy dictators. The last one renamed the months after himself and his family members, and the new one banned black color cars in Ashgabat (the capital), just because he considers white lucky.…

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Heartwarming and weird stories from Iran - Iran is a weird place. You hear about the crazy hospitality of the people from other western travellers, but you really have to experience it to realize the true extent of it. It was the beginning of June, and we were slowly making our way towards Mashad and the Turkmen border through small roads and villages in the East. The…

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Iran, a guide and our impressions - Usually while travelling, it makes it more enjoyable and funny to just always say yes. In Iran however, we learned to say no. Generally speaking, going East from Europe people are more friendly and hospitable, and it is really nice as a traveller. In Iran especially, it was awesome that we could rely so much on the locals, that we…

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Georgia and Armenia - Georgia is where the range of the Caucasus Mountains start, and if you go there in the right season, it is a paradise for mountaineering. Sadly for us, the temperatures in the night were too cold for us to camp when we arrived there, so our only choice would have been cycling on the main road, which we had enough…

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