Once upon a time a Hungarian girl called Dóri decided to go on a world trip. Since she was in love with biking, there was no question about it that she will use a bike to do so. 

She created this blog, in preparation for the trip. The name of the blog came from her two biggest passions, singing and biking, which she will continue to do throughout the road. With a big emphasis on environmental awareness and a zero waste lifestyle.

In the meantime, in the summer of 2017, a Danish guy, Alan, started a world bike trip, almost exactly the same as the girl wanted to do (okay, minus the singing). He sold all his stuff and started pedalling with the bare essentials, minimalist style. 

After he discovered Scandinavia and the Baltics, he went down towards the Balkans, passing through Hungary. And this is where our story begins.

Both of us have a strong passion to discover the world, as long as it takes and as long as we feel like it. We hit the road together in the spring of 2018, and our plan is to see everything, with as little environmental impact as possible. The trip will probably end when we find a nice place to settle down, or when we don’t want to cycle anymore, or want some rest.

So if you would like to follow our journey, learn how to be an environmentally friendly traveler, get tips about travelling this way (there will be food recipes also), you can all check that out here 🙂

We update our position regularly, which you can see on the map at the homepage. If we happen to pass through your country, we would love to meet you, so feel free to contact us!


Kilometers cycled: 5600

Meters climbed: 58909

Cycling days: 115

Longest day in the saddle: 6h 15min

Total time in saddle: 295h

Longest km in a day: 104,33

Longest climbing day: 1400m

Highest point: 2300m

Chocolate eaten: 13290gr

Tour time: 8 months

You can see in detail here

Last update: 2018 November