Philosophy and Dóri’s mission

My mission. Sounds a bit like boasting, but I do believe that everyone has a mission. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean some grand thing, sometimes one just wants to live a full life, or a simple one without stress, someone else wants to discover the world or wants to make it better. This latter thought were always maturing inside me I guess, but for a long time I only practiced it on myself only, meaning I put emphasis on protecting the environment with my actions. But everyone has to start somewhere 🙂

So, let’s start from the very beginning. I always loved nature as a child and was interested in conserving it, it’s not by chance I graduated as a biologist 🙂 Hence it was natural for me to start going by bike to the university, which was around 2004. Since I am a quite active and passionate individual, I quickly found myself in the inner circles or bicycle activism, where I got to know like-minded people and learned a lot about air pollution, humane-friendly transportation and tolerance in general. Also connected to environmentalism is to recycle, so as soon as it started to grow in Hungary I enthusiastically hauled long bags of bottles and other materials to the recycling bins. I thought I was doing everything I can, but it was far from the truth, and a video made me realize that in last October. Although it wasn’t clear for me back then, I think that is when I really find my mission, with which I can help others.

So, what is this all about? I discovered Bea Johnson and her lifestyle in 2016 October, and got to know the idea of zero waste and minimalism. The following video started my transition:

The gist of it is that buying all that useless stuff (think about that shoe or shirt you bought but never wear, or those gadgets you throw out before it wears out), and the oh so convenient consumerism producing a lot of waste which leads to huge environmental problems (side note for factory farming and reducing meat consumption, but I know that is a sensitive topic so won’t address it here). And recycling is only the first step, but it’s just not enough, since for example plastic cannot be recycled fully, and the cleaning, transportation and remaking into new materials need a lot of resource and energy, which could be easily avoided with buying things without packaging and really just buying what is necessary.

Because I tend to get to extremes, of course I wanted all of it at once, but I had to realize that this is a slow and thoughtful process. I threw out or sold a lot of unnecessary stuff already, and of course unpacked food was an easy thing to obtain (especially in Budapest, the markets are full with bulk products of every kind), but I still have some leftover cleaning and hygienic products in packaging. Of course I will use them up, throwing them out would be really wasteful, which is the very thing I’m trying to avoid. 🙂 Luckily the movement is also growing here in Hungary, we have a group where we can inspire each other and zero waste is becoming especially mainstream in parts of the US (California already achieved an 80% reduction/diversion and aims to become zero waste by 2020, check out this article from 2014 about some facts) and Germany. In the latter, bulk shops are popping up quite fast, partly thanks to the inspirational presentations of Bea Johnson, who tours Europe frequently. She even held one in Budapest recently. 🙂

Since there is a lot to tackle still, and individuals making adjustments in their life (which also helps saving a lot of money and enables things like touring the world by bike 😀 ) won’t change things on an industrial scale, I thought I would try to inspire people as well along my way, spreading conscious living and zero waste. I think the younger generations are easier to be taught about new practices regarding lifestyle (although it’s quite funny to call this new when this was the norm some 30-40 years ago). So I am planning to reach out to schools to make presentations or even some DIY classes for children, to show them a different and maybe more peaceful and stress-free way of living.

It’s naive to think I can change the world by myself, but I was always an idealist and wear this badge proudly. And we need lots of Bea Johnson to make a difference, who says I cannot be one? 🙂 If only a few thousand people will think about the things I’m showing, or my examples influence them, I already made a huge effort to leave a better Earth for the generations to come. You can help spread the world if you agree with me 🙂