Those of you who are interested in details, here is an excel table of our equipment. Green which we already bought, white is to be acquired or planned for later. Naturally equipment can change on a long trip like this, and I don’t always have the time or the capacity to update this page, but I’ll try intermittently, so it’s best to visit this page again sometimes. Although I hope the major things will last until the end, we don’t have an endless amount of money to replace them 🙂

You can find different categories on the subpages, but I list them here too: 

Bicycles and bags

Tent, mattress, sleeping bag


Since this will be our way of living for a few years, we will have everything we might need to work online, if the opportunity arises. This adds some weight but worth it on the long term. To be able to charge our most essential stuff even on remote locations, we will also have an Anker solar panel and two big portable batteries.