Bicycles and bags

The bikes

Both Alan and me are riding with the 2017 model of Kona Sutra. He started from Denmark with it and we only had to change the chain, cassette and chainrings really, so seems pretty reliable. That was partly the reason I decided to buy the same bike. Since we gonna spend a lot of times in the mountains, I felt disc brakes are necessary, and drop bars were a given, because I’m so accustomed to it as a road-biker. 


Since it is a proven, reliable brand (and sustainability is important for the producer), the back panniers and Alan’s handlebar bag are from Ortlieb. Since we strive not to produce too much waste and going for bulk as much as we can, originally we planned to go with front rollers too. After we hosted two belgian guys we got convinced to use a kind of bikepacking system in the front, aim to be a minimalist and saving a lot of money in the process. Alan will have an continue using the handlebar bag, and I will use a dry bag from Alpkit, with 13 liter capacity, which can hold the two sleeping pads and the rain jackets. Tools and some smallish stuff we will carry on several frame bags. 

Since we want to hike too, sometimes for several days or a month (for example in India), we both gonna carry a middle sized backpack (mostly empty while biking of course). All in all we will have 80 liters capacity which is more than enough room, especially considering that we can hang stuff on the outside too. Alan has the Osprey Exos38, I will carry a Husky Rony. It is also practical during cycling, as we can strap a lot of things on it, and mine can carry the solar panel while riding, which saved us several times when we needed navigation.