Clothing, cleaning and hygiene

As minimalists, it’s not so big of a deal to only carry the essential amount of clothes, with a few extras such as swim googles and a triathlon suit 🙂 Our merino base layers will be quite handy when we are not able to wash clothes for a few days, I really recommend them. We will also have some non-cycling clothes for the city and some running gear for me. If we need something more, or a piece of clothing gets too worn out, either we buy something natural sustainably produced, or we just try to get something in a second hand store.  Or better yet, we sift through the free stuff usually found at hostels. We had some nice finds so far, and we payed almost zero for them.

Cleaning is related to clothing in a way, since we need to wash our clothes frequently, having only a small set of them. We really don’t make a fuss about it though, and that is the beauty of a minimalist, zero waste life. We have a few bars of soap, and we use that for everything, from washing clothes to oily dishes and ourselves. When we stay at a host or work at a hostel, we use the local washing machine if we can of course, but otherwise we just wash our clothes wherever – be it at a gas station, on the beach under the showers or at a lake (don’t do it in salty water though, it would definitely ruin most fabrics in time).

As for our other hygiene products, we really don’t have much. I gave up on making my own toothpaste so we have a commercial one, along with toothbrushes with replaceable heads. We also use some creams for wounds, sun or inflammation, and have a Nivea case for the winter dryness. We don’t use shampoo, Alan mostly use water only, and I either wash my hair with egg yolk, or soap with vinegar rinse. Sometimes I use some olive oil for dry ends. Suffice to say we don’t have to spend much on these, saving us a ton of money, while being environmentally friendly (and protecting ourselves from harmful chemicals).

Arriving to Asia the water filter will become quite handy, we decided on the Sawyer Mini, since it’s light and doesn’t require a filter replacement, as according to the producer it can filter as much as 400.000 liters of water. Of course it requires regular cleaning and backwashing. It comes with 2 2 liter pouches, and together with our water bags and bottles we will have more than enough carrying capacity for water.