We are not so ultralight in this area, since we both love cooking and don’t want to live on ramen all the time. The basis is a Trangia set, because it only needs alcohol. We learned in the Balkans though that it cannot be easily (or cheaply) purchased anywhere in the world, so we added the multifuel version, the Trangia X2 stove to the set, which can burn any kind of liquid fuel and even gas canisters, so we are totally covered now. In dry and favourable conditions, we probably just build a fire, it cannot get cheaper than that. 🙂

We also bought a bigger, 2,5 liter pot and a selable 1,5 liter pot which can also be used for leftovers and as a zero waste tool at street food locations. There is a small teapot, spices, small and bigger boxes and bags for bulk stuff, mugs, cutlery set, as well as metal straws. The latter is quite important for drinking from a coconut 😀