Food on the road

When you are on the road and have to carry everything by yourself, be it in a backpack or a bike bag on your rack, you feel every gram, especially when you push against gravity. A lot of travellers naturally turn towards lightweight, premade, processed foods to counter this, but the truth is, it is not all about weight. On a long physical journey like ours a bad diet catches up to you faster and it is tiring mentally to eat these kinds of food every day or on a regular basis.

Instead, we cook most things from scratch using fresh vegetables, meaning a lot of extra space and load, but this annoyance we are more than happy to endure for our health. The range of kitchen equipment in our bags is also wider than most other people we meet. Cooking is a passion for us and having them makes it more enjoyable and easy. 

On this page, you can find simple recipes perfect for camping, and a few we used to make at home or try doing in case we have access to a normal kitchen. These are not just delicious, but filling and rather cheap meals, – the kind you want during cycle touring –  all the while being nutritional and healthy. Many things are improvised or too simple/obvious to warrant a description, but for the sake of having a full picture, I can list some guidelines for them. You can also find a longer article about what we eat and how we shop here, I only talk about cooking below, which is for dinner and sometimes leftovers for lunch. 

Generally speaking, pasta and rice is your friend, and that’s fine, so long as you make some salad out of it, or accompany it with a red sauce or vegetable stew. Scrambled eggs with fresh or roasted veggies, a random stir fry, or a vegetable stew with legumes are also easy, and we do them frequently.