Let’s start (slowly..)

Let’s start (slowly..)

So hello world 🙂

I am planning a tour around the world by bike (cause I’m crazy), and this blog attempts to document this journey, to follow up where have I started, and maybe someone’s interested in the amount of preparation this type of travel really takes. Even I don’t know it yet, let’s find out together 🙂

And why did I choose this title? Naturally I love to sing, some people say not that bad even 🙂 I also love learning languages, so I was thinking to learn some local music or songs, and sing those from time to time, hopefully together with some people, and it may happen that I make videos of these events as well.

On the other hand, my other passion, triathlon will stay with me as well. Currently I’m testing the ideas about the best solution, my first thought would be to build a bike with which I can race too, so some cyclocross, or a new type, gravel comes to mind, and of course I would keep a separate set of racing tires in the luggage. If this idea fails during some test tour, my other option would be to rent a road bike or triathlete bike on the spot, but that would increase my budget, which I’m trying to avoid. Of course I would gladly accept sponsors, I’m not sure but I wager there wasn’t any other woman who biked to local triathlon races 😀

My concept for the tour is the following:

  • Basically I will start the tour alone, but anyone can join anytime for a section or more.. although a simple holiday may prove too short for that🙂
  • Where I would have to swim to continue, there’s a high chance I’ll take a boat, I could even get some work on it and lower my travel cost with that as well
  • I will try to use my tent/couchsurfing/warmshowers wherever I can
  • I will have a minimalist cooking equipment, so I can make my own food while camping
  • Zero waste living won’t get down the drain either, I will try to live by it as much as possible and bring some bags/tools to be able to avoid unnecessary waste/packaging

Currently I’m in the planning phase, first I will gather my equipment and build my capital. I would like to go on test tours in Europe in the autumn or next spring, which would take a few weeks each. I would be happy if someone wants to join 🙂

Expected start to the big wide world: 2018 late summer, latest autumn.