Status report and our current travel plan

Status report and our current travel plan

I have been a bit silent for a while, but with good reason. Nothing much happened in the last few months, because I broke my ankle in late October after landing badly at a bouldering gym, followed by 6 weeks in cast and slow rehabilitation. I can’t thank Alan enough, who was supporting me and calming me all the way from the start (I think the first shock, that I can’t participate on the Athens marathon subsided just because of him). Luckily I’m quite recovered now, started biking two months ago already. This accident didn’t postpone the starting date of our travel either, only the metal needs to be taken out around early March. We gonna start right after getting the stitches out, I still want to do the half ironman in May, and we would like to check out Slovenia too 🙂

So, first things first, a lot of people was asking me about our plans and travel route, and I would like to give a rough idea about that. Only a few items are missing from our equipment, although one of the most important one, my bike is one of them, which is kinda essential. 😀 I decided on the Kona Sutra after a long search period, and this was influenced by the fact that Alan has the same from last year so we know how it performs first hand, and this means less tools and spare parts too. It will arrive in the first week of March so I have a bit of time to test ride it. What equipment we already have or are on the way, I will put in our list so you can check. Later, after an initial test period I may write some reviews. The tent, my down sleeping bag and Alan’s backpack already arrived so we took them to test on a wild camping session, where I’ve found out the importance of mattress insulation in winter. I already ordered a better mattress 😀

In regards to the travel plans, I mentioned that we would like to go to Slovenia and then heading down to the Adriatic coastline we would slowly make our way to Montenegro. I would like to get here in the beginning of May so I have some resting period before my race in Kotor. Further plans for the summer includes riding around the Balkans and chilling in Greece in early autumn, probably trying to find a farm to work at. We want to start towards Turkey in the beginning of winter and spend 3 months there. We would continue the road in 2019 spring towards Georgia and Armenia. The first country where we need a visa will be Iran, I will check the details before we leave but for other countries we gonna get them along the road. After Iran we will go through the “istan” countries, biking on the Pamir Highway we would end up in Pakistan through China and then India. Nepal is in the plans as well. 🙂

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we try to time the countries to arrive in the mountains in the summer, and getting to India at the end of the monsoon period in 2019. Here we would take a bit of break from biking, working on a farm and backpacking around the country. We don’t have a more detailed plan from this point forward, it will also depend on how much money we have left, we may need to stop for work a bit in South East Asia. And I wouldn’t want to miss out on Japan either 🙂 Ideally we would go there first and slowly make our way down south, so eventually shipping out to America from New-Zealand. In a perfect world Hawaii would be on the way, but we would be okay with Alaska or even South America, the cheapest option wins. Of course I will put up a map on the blog and try to update it frequently, so you can follow our route 🙂

As for money issues, we are going to track all our expenses so I can show a nice analysis for you 🙂 Usually during traveling most money is spent on accommodation and the way of travel (plane, car, etc), so this will be greatly reduced by our way. Surely there will be cases when we need to use a train, bus, or hitch-hike a car, because the road is impossible with a bike or border crossing is not allowed with it. But the major issue is getting from one continent to another, and we thought that instead of using a plane (which is the worst in regards to the environment anyway) we will take a boat, hitch-hiking them in the best case scenario. Our accommodation will be mostly wild camping with our tent, using warmshowers/couchsurfing, or any other free option. There are some places where even food is provided in exchange for a bit of work, like wwoof, workaway or worldpackers. Buddhist temples are also an option in Asia, where hospitality is great in general, so having the tent set up in someone’s garden won’t be an issue I think. 🙂

That’s all so far, and as the starting date approaches I will make a detailed packing list post with picks, so you can see what items a world traveler really needs to be happy. 🙂