Would you like to helpo us clean an area? In exchange for a small donation, we do an extra round of cleaning, wherever we go (sadly, the countries we are travelling to really need this help). I don’t want to say an exact amount, but the amount we pick will be proportionate to it. Contact us for the before-after pictures. We make at least an after photo each time, but we can’t read minds 🙂

In case you would like to receive a postcard or a magnet from a land far away, it’s doable, but please think about covering the (currently unknown for us) cost of the postage fee too. You can get a unique postcard with one of our photos which we send through Touchnote, still received with physical postal service. We really need a name and an address for this, so just choose your option and fill the form below.

You can also send money directly to our bank account.

GB58 REVO 0099 7036 0944 78


Other forms of support

If you’re a manufacturer of some sport related equipment, clothing, please contact us and we would gladly put you up on this page as our supporter, as well as write our honest opinion about your gear throughout our articles. 

Even if you can’t support us directly, please think how you can help the environment. Consider donating for a charity in regards to climate change. It can be anything related to providing safe drinking water, or educating women in third world countries, or helping an organisation fighting big corporations. (SumofUs and StoryofStuff are two great ones). It doesn’t even have to involve money. You can share stories on your social media, go out and pick trash in your neighbourhood/beach, start implementing zero-waste and anti-consumption life choices in your every day life (read this and this to start, but feel free to contact me if you want to learn more), encourage others to do it too, and contact your local representative to urge them about immediate actions. There’s so many ways to make the world a better place! 🙂